If you are new to stock trading, you need to have enough knowledge and understanding about how stocks and the stock market work. Here are some useful tutorials that can help you get started on your stock investing journey:

Investopedia Academy’s Stock Basics Tutorial

This comprehensive and helpful tutorial has everything a beginner needs to understand the basic concepts used in stock trading. It covers topics like an overview of stocks, various stock types, how to read a stock quote, valuing stocks, and more.

Epic Stock Due Diligence

Meant to be a how-to guide for stock investing, this YouTube channel is a compilation of video tutorials on tips and tricks investors need to make money in the stock market. Although it focuses on penny stocks, Epic Stock Due Diligence, it also has some guides that explain the basics of stock trading to beginners.

The Share Centre’s Free Investment Guides

Start learning the fundamentals of shares, the stock market, and other types of investments by signing up with The Share Centre and downloading its guides in PDF format. You’ll need to create a free account first before you can access the guides, which are also offered at no cost.

The Balance’s Complete Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Stock

First-time stock traders will find this online guide an extremely useful tool. It consists of topic-specific guides, such as earning profits from investing in stocks, reasons for fluctuations in stock prices, finding stocks for your investment portfolio, stock market capitalization, investing in blue chips, etc.