Tips to Teach Your Kids the Value of Money From an Early Age

Money is an essential aspect of our lives. It is important that children learn to save and manage money in the best possible way. They need to understand that money is not easy to earn, and that its value is in spending it wisely. Here are some tips that can be used to teach them to appreciate the value of money.

  1. Many kids do not understand the concept of money. They feel that anytime they need any money, parents just swipe a card or go to the ATM and anyone can get money like that. So they need to realize and appreciate the hard work that goes into creating money for the family.
  2. Help them understand the value and numbers of various monetary units common in your country. They should know the actual worth of the paper and metal currency. This will teach them the real worth of the money.
  3. After a certain age, a child should be given some allowance and he can be allowed to spend it, with some guidance though, to buy something that he e likes.
  4. They can be allotted some chores in the house and paid small sums of money to complete the tasks successfully. They can collect this money and buy something useful. There are wonderful websites like, where parents can get amazing ideas for educational games and toys.
  5. Slowly the child will learn that delayed gratification is worth the wait. Instead of spending all the allowance on candies and small toys he can save the money for something bigger and better.

All these steps are important in the education of children. They learn the value of money when they earn it, save it and spend wisely themselves. This is useful for the rest of their lives. They learn to delay spending, until they really have that money saved, instead of relying on debt or credit card, which may