How Many Jobs Does Each State In The U.S. Provide Annually?

It has been close to 9 years since the U.S. fell into what seemed like the worst financial crisis since the last witnessed crisis known as The Great Depression. The recovery has been gradual; each state taking its own time to recover from the trauma. When the best states of the USA were ranked as per U.S. News and World Report in the year 2017, there were three ranking parameters:

  • Growth
  • Employment
  • Business

The States That Stood Out

The states that have the maximum amount of population emerged as- California, Texas and Florida. However, the two states that fare the best are Colorado and North Dakota. These have emerged as the state with the maximum number of youths and job opportunities.

The parameters were explained as:

Growth: The manner in which the state has grown from 2012-2015 in terms of total population between 25-29 and the average migration.

Employment: The annual growth in terms of jobs that are not farming-related from the year 2012-2015 and the rate of unemployment.

Business: The number of business modules that have come up in these years.

With these combined results, the best states were identified that had the strongest financial conditions. These are the Top 10 states where more young people are moving in, there are plenty of jobs and the business is thriving.


With a population of 5.5 million, Colorado has a Growth Rank and an Employment Rank of 2 and a Business Rank of 4.

North Dakota

With a population of 760,000, it has a Growth Rank of 1, Employment Rank of 3 and a Business Rank of 21.


With a population of 39 million, it’s Growth rank is around 5 and Employment Rank around 25.


With a population of 3 million, it has a Growth Rank of 20, Employment Rank of 1 and Business Rank of 5.


With a population of 6.8 million, it has a growth rank of 26, an employment rank of 4 and a Business rank of 2.

Thus, it is evident that these states in the U.S. have been able to provide enough work opportunities for the people despite the population. This article explains how basic employee rights work.