Making The Most Out Of The Stock Market

While waiting for a breakthrough!

Every person has this phase when he finishes his college education and is not placed anywhere. And he decides to not click on the bait but wait for a little longer to that he can get the better offer. So, what does he do in the time that he has in and?

I cannot speak for the others but I found myself in this state for about a year when I thought that most of the offers that were coming my way were not too tempting and so I decided to work myself in the direction of the stock market. Now my subject in college was nothing to do with commerce or economics and I had no pretentious knowledge whatsoever about the stock market but I had a friend in the wall street who were going places in a couple of months itself. So, the thought just arrived on me and I decided to take a plunge.

I borrowed money from the bank:

I did not want to borrow from anyone I knew because that would make me lackadaisical about returning it back. My goal was to at least not reduce it further if I was not even able to add anything much to it. So, I had to read a lot and a lot of reading gave me a lot of polarized ideas!

One school of thought was very adamant that I invest in promising penny stocks but I was damn scared. I have read too many cases where the entire investment of the person can get eroded in a penny stock because it is a high-risk investment.

I did not want my first experience to be a bitter one. Besides, a financial commitment is a serious commitment. I had decided to take risks only if the money was entirely my own. So, until that time it was only playing by the rules and playing extremely safe!