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The Best Affordable Drug Test Shampoos

Companies subject their new employees to pre-employment drug test to ensure that they are not under the influence of any opioids and other addictive substances and their metabolites which will hinder their productivity and working capacity.

The biological specimens commonly tested include urine, saliva, breath, sweat, and hair.  The main purpose of the test is to detect the presence of drugs prohibited by law and for levels of alcohol in the blood.

While not all test results are admissible as evidence in a court of law, hair analysis can be produced as evidence according to the Frye Rule and the Daubert Rule.

Why is hair analysis so important?

It is believed that the hair follicles retain the residue of any drug used by an individual for up to 12 months; this means that even if you have given up using drugs for a few weeks before the test, your hair will have traces of the substance and if analyzed you can fail the test. It is also believed that people can’t tamper with hair samples.

If you have used something just for a week or less then that will not show in the hair analysis, unlike the urine test.

Since hair analysis provides a better picture of an individual’s drug habits, companies rely on and promote these tests.

Can I beat the hair test?

You can hasten cleaning your hair of any residue of the drug by cleaning it regularly and eating a nutritious diet rich in fruits and fiber-filled vegetables. This will not only clean your system but also your hair shafts. But if you are short of time you can rely on hair detoxifying shampoos.

The best detoxifying shampoos remove metabolites from your hair shafts without damaging the hair itself. I love this shamoo for passing drug tests as it penetrates deep into the shaft and removes the toxins completely.