Tips to Teach Your Kids the Value of Money From an Early Age

Money is an essential aspect of our lives. It is important that children learn to save and manage money in the best possible way. They need to understand that money is not easy to earn, and that its value is in spending it wisely. Here are some tips that can be used to teach them to appreciate the value of money.

  1. Many kids do not understand the concept of money. They feel that anytime they need any money, parents just swipe a card or go to the ATM and anyone can get money like that. So they need to realize and appreciate the hard work that goes into creating money for the family.
  2. Help them understand the value and numbers of various monetary units common in your country. They should know the actual worth of the paper and metal currency. This will teach them the real worth of the money.
  3. After a certain age, a child should be given some allowance and he can be allowed to spend it, with some guidance though, to buy something that he e likes.
  4. They can be allotted some chores in the house and paid small sums of money to complete the tasks successfully. They can collect this money and buy something useful. There are wonderful websites like, where parents can get amazing ideas for educational games and toys.
  5. Slowly the child will learn that delayed gratification is worth the wait. Instead of spending all the allowance on candies and small toys he can save the money for something bigger and better.

All these steps are important in the education of children. They learn the value of money when they earn it, save it and spend wisely themselves. This is useful for the rest of their lives. They learn to delay spending, until they really have that money saved, instead of relying on debt or credit card, which may

5 Financial Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating the right foods and doing regular workouts will make you feel and look better. It will slow the aging process and will enhance your beaute. Other than reducing your waistline, a healthy diet will help a great deal in controlling your expenses. Below mentioned are different ways of leading a healthy lifestyle can secure your finances.

Benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle

Payless amount as premiums on your medical insurance- The medical insurance premium takes into account your health history, current medical conditions and so on. If you are free of illness, the premium you need to pay for the insurance coverage will be quite less.  Thus you end up saving quite a lot of money every month as a premium and it can be invested elsewhere.

You can easily avoid medical complications- Diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, and other chronic illnesses are the common problems associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. You can save on hospital bills by following a good routine of eating healthy food and exercise.

Likelihood of taking a sick leave will be reduced- As the chance of falling sick is less when you have a fit and healthy body, the sick leave you take from work will be reduced.  The employer will be happy with your dedication and there will be chances of promotion and pay hike.

Eat more of home cooked food- Eating a balanced diet will make you avoid eating outside food. You will automatically prefer to eat at home and prefers a home-cooked meal.  Eating out is quite expensive and you can save on that expense.

Be more productive- There are various studies which show that staying healthy and people who regularly workout are more productive in work than others.  People who maintain a balanced diet and workout regularly are more focused and clear in their thoughts.

6 Ways To Keep Your Finance Growing

Money Money Money. This is something everyone wants more of. Somehow, it never seems enough. If you get a better job with a higher pay, your expenses seem to be growing along too. Not to forget the increasing cost of living, the increasing demands to maintain a status quo, etc.

Keep It Growing

Here are 6 effective ways to ensure your finance keeps growing:

  1. Budget

Always have a monthly budget. Sit down with other members of the family and chart out a list of things to buy or do for that month. There will be regular monthly expenses. Make a note of it and then add in your other expenses like going out, buying gifts, etc. now you will know how much money is spent on a monthly basis. When you are aware of the expenses, you can ensure you don’t spend unnecessarily and drain all the money from your account.

  1. Savings

Set aside a fixed percentage of your monthly income as savings. This percentage has to be derived after you sit down and make that list as you need enough money to meet your regular expenses. There is various savings option that can help your money grow.

  1. Cut Down Monthly Expenses

Now that you know where all the money is going on a monthly basis, cut down on your expenses. If your monthly groceries are costing you a lot of money, find a place that can sell all your provisions in bulk and at a lesser rate. Majority of the stores and companies offer more products for the lesser price. Plan your purchases accordingly.

  1. Stock

As mentioned above, buying in bulk can save you some money. While not all can be bought and stocked, many provisions can. Buy such provisions in bulk, so that you need to buy it only once in every few months, rather than every single month.

  1. Invest

Invest the excess money in some savings plan with your bank or invest it in a property. These investments will grow and accumulate interest over time and when you are ready to withdraw it, it would have increased.

  1. Plan

Plan your expenses. Get a professional financier or an auditor to help you understand your expenses. They can give you ideas about savings and investments. An auditor can also help you with taxations. There are provisions in the taxation laws and when you are aware of them, you can save on some unnecessary taxes.

Making The Most Out Of The Stock Market

While waiting for a breakthrough!

Every person has this phase when he finishes his college education and is not placed anywhere. And he decides to not click on the bait but wait for a little longer to that he can get the better offer. So, what does he do in the time that he has in and?

I cannot speak for the others but I found myself in this state for about a year when I thought that most of the offers that were coming my way were not too tempting and so I decided to work myself in the direction of the stock market. Now my subject in college was nothing to do with commerce or economics and I had no pretentious knowledge whatsoever about the stock market but I had a friend in the wall street who were going places in a couple of months itself. So, the thought just arrived on me and I decided to take a plunge.

I borrowed money from the bank:

I did not want to borrow from anyone I knew because that would make me lackadaisical about returning it back. My goal was to at least not reduce it further if I was not even able to add anything much to it. So, I had to read a lot and a lot of reading gave me a lot of polarized ideas!

One school of thought was very adamant that I invest in promising penny stocks but I was damn scared. I have read too many cases where the entire investment of the person can get eroded in a penny stock because it is a high-risk investment.

I did not want my first experience to be a bitter one. Besides, a financial commitment is a serious commitment. I had decided to take risks only if the money was entirely my own. So, until that time it was only playing by the rules and playing extremely safe!

What Are The Financial Risks Of Cryptocurrency?

Though we say and declare that the cryptocurrency market is a very profitable and promising one, there are also risks involved and hidden here and every trader must be aware of this so that he is able to safeguard himself, his money and the trading interests here. This is being emphasized more here because every trader takes a step inside this market with the main goal of making some profits and for this, it is important that he knows the exact location of his investment once it is deposited. This would brief him everything about how his money is used, what would be the probable chances of winning or losing etc… Similarly, it is also important for him to know the risks, the financial risks involved in this market that would affect and harm his investments.

Though there are a lot of such financial risks involved in this market, the major one is the black swan risk which many of us are aware of. Here, it is probably just the name that we know but how many of us know the exact meaning or the underlying definition of this type of risk? Though there have been many common risks that have been discovered to be associated with this trading in cryptocurrency, this specific one, though very common is not talked about much.

Understanding this concept is very important to safeguard the interests of the traders in the best hardware wallet for altcoins. This risk, in simple terms, is nothing but the possibilities of occurrence of unexpected events that might direct an investor`s trades and his deposit money towards losses. This is a possibility in any type of the financial market especially the ones that are highly volatile and hence it is very important for every trader to be well aware of this concept.

What Is the Average Day To Day Life of a Stock Broker?

Rise and shine in the morning is the Global Mantra now, which holds good for typical stock broker. As they say the first three hours are very important for a trading analyst, the mind has to work on all directions to get the numbers set in for the day. Before the markets open the understanding of the impact previous day end index, position of the client portfolio and the sector analysis is like decoding the Big Bang Theory. You take stride and learn from the bad decisions done, move on with a fresh orientation of the perspective that building an investment on a virtual atmosphere is very uncertain.

The best traders on the television make it look easy; however it is the complete understanding and great amount of intuition which works magic at times on the market sensitivity. The news channel give you the best inputs for the opening line on the markets which tunes into the mind .Connections with top broker houses and clients is very rewarding in terms of a trader as the first few hours in the office are built in heavily to contact prospective clients, market themselves with their ability.

After a whirlwind morning the day is mostly spent in making cold may be prospective investor calls, pitching buying and selling market instruments which includes the buy sell arrows indicator mt4, which usually has blue arrow indicating buying of shares and the red arrow an indication to sell. In case of a trade booked the system electronically transmits the trade ticket and the client is informed about the transaction.

The after market close hours are kind of a judgment day, looking into the immediate market impact, the profits earned and the losses incurred which is usually borne by the broker. Trade well with discipline is profitable.

Software To Keep Your Tax In Check

Managing taxes and their receipts are time taking when you have too many bills in hand and that too when it is the end of the year, you need to keep a clean copy of all those for rebates and this is going to be too much when you have the entire bunch in front of you. It is going to take a whole lot of time too. So what can you do to manage them wisely, correctly and at the same time in less time? Do not worry about this for there are many software that helps in managing the taxes and their receipts without troubling you. All you need to do is just get in touch with them and they would lend a helping hand. Many organizations have such software like the TurboTax for the ease and comfort of their employees. This software would help in managing and organizing the receipts in such manner that you would be able to organize your spending well and also file all the returns without any confusion.

Turbotax is a special and specific software developed by Micheal A Chipman mainly for the purpose of calculating taxes. This is mainly used in the income tax preparation and arriving at the final numbers that would make the entire filing process a simple and easy one. This is a very popular tax software package that is used predominantly by all the commercial organizations and this is, even more, proved apt in organizations where the businesses are very tight and people find it difficult to devote time to this lengthy process of calculating their taxes. Read through the online tax software TurboTax review to know more about how you can do this better. this is considered a mandatory and a very efficient tax calculator for all those above the tax slab.

Wear Now – Pay Later on Top Designer Pieces

You love designer bags but you put your wishes on the bottom of the list just because these bags are exorbitantly priced, and beyond your budget. Gone is the time you had to wean over such things. Now you have a wide range of options off-hand to own a designer piece and get away in style. Have you heard of sites which sell pre-owned designer pieces at a decent price? Sometimes your savings may not be still enough for the prices offered, don’t worry, you still don’t have to dis-own your wishes of owning a designer handbag. Look out for Paying later options.

There are several websites which let you pay for your designer handbags over a period in installments. This has taken the designer bag industry by storm. Because the luxury market is a hand’s reach for anyone who has a love for style. This is the buzz mainly in the USA. Like we have mortgaging scheme or loans for buying a car or a property, these days companies like Many financial companies like Affirm, PayPal etc. offer you payment options plans to pay in installments, interest-free.

For all of you who love the designer bags from Louis Vuitton, you can look for some good buy of popular lv bags here.

LuxeDH – Buy pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbags using three installment plans.

TheRealReal – Shop for Louis Vuitton pre-owned bags and pay through Affirm

Trend Lee- They have an exclusive collection of pre-owned Louis Vuitton bags and your payment options can be done through Affirm or Blispay.

Vestiarie Collective -They have over 30,000 Louis Vuitton fresh and pre-owned bags. With funding from Affirm, you can wear now and pay later.

Amazon and eBay – They have hassle-free payment options through PayPal.

Go ahead, shop your designer piece confidently and pay according to your convenience, absolutely without interest!

Get help with funeral costs on benefits

The UK government has put in place a legal obligation to help families in the form of benefits. If your family is eligible you can receive money to aid with your living costs. In this article we discuss the Funeral Payment. It is a “death benefit” and you can get it if you are living on low income and enquire assistance with paying for a funeral you are arranging. The amount you receive is based on each individual family’s circumstance and eligibility.

To receive a funeral payment benefit in the UK you are required to prove your relationship to the deceased and already be getting some sort of tax credits or benefits. Funeral costs are usually higher than expected therefore it is important to get all the help you can with the preparations. You can choose to get help with funeral plans. For example, this homepage gives you all the information you need to know before having a funeral. Don’t let the unexpected costs ruin the celebration of your life and plan ahead.

Another reason why you shouldn’t rely on benefits is that you might have to repay what you receive. You will be required to pay the Funeral Payment if you receive money from the deceased relative’s or close friend’s estate. This can include money and property. It can be in the form of a house or just any valuable personal objects.

It is always a stressful time for any family to go through the passing of a loved one. You can never predict when this will happen but you can certainly arrange the best funeral plan and benefits to accommodate everyone’s needs and look out for your family members. The options discussed in this article will hopefully plant a seed and help you make up your mind before it is too late.

Why is being an investment banker one of the best jobs out there?

There is an increasing demand for investment bankers. People, as well as organizations, are now looking for ways to save money and raise funds that can secure their future. Investment banking is a career where you would be able to notice an all-round growth and gain a lot of exposure. What to study to become an investment banker? Educational background doesn’t really matter. You can always choose suitable training programs and certifications to brighten your career path.

Here are the reasons why it is cool to be an investment banker:

  1. The remuneration:

Even the beginners in this field are known to get impressive packages. And if you have a good experience backed by a great skill set this is a job that is sure to give you a good pay.

  1. You learn to multitask:

With investment banking, you might feel like there always so much to do. Investment bankers cannot progress in their career if they do not sharpen their time management skills. In the long run, you also become a great multi-tasker once you take up a job as an investment banker. With efficient time management skills supporting your multi-tasking ability you would be able to reach great heights.

  1. The exposure:

Investment bankers gain a lot of exposure. They also have the chance to strengthen and widen their network. If you start your journey as an investment banker and then decide to make a switch you would find that your earlier experience proves to be valuable in your next job as well.

  1. You are a better team player:

With investment banking, you get to think empathetically. You would analyze people’s situation and give them the best investment ideas. You would be able to understand what would suit them best based on their requirements. This would teach you to work with people as a great team player.

Is There Such a Thing as a Lower-Risk Stock Investment? 4 Facts You Need to Know

A lower-risk stock investment? Is this for real? This might be what’s going on your mind as soon as you read the title of this post, but we’re not kidding about this. You can reduce that risks that come with stock investing.

Here are the basic facts about stocks that you must keep in mind as you invest in the stock market:

Stock prices go up and down rapidly.

It’s a reality that stock investors must accept to have realistic expectations. There are two strategies that you can use to make the most out of that reality: momentum investing and value investing. Momentum investing involves a rising stock, hoping that more buyers will jump in. On the other hand, value investing entails buying an undervalued stock.

Stocks are the most volatile investment vehicles.

A stock you’ve invested in will steeply rise and fall in a short span of time. This makes stocks more volatile (and higher-risk investment) than other investment vehicles such as bonds and money markets.

As a stock investor, you’re an owner of a company.

Because of that, you reap the gains when the company whose shares you bought perform well. You’ll also suffer losses when the company performs poorly. Know your rights and duties as a part-owner: this will give you an idea of the possibilities in terms of growth and failure of the company.

Taxes are part of the costs of stock investing.

Every dividend you get and profit you earn from selling stocks are taxed. So consider that when computing your total return—it needs to overcome the cost of taxes as well as inflation.

Remember that every investment comes with risks. It’s inevitable—but you can surely minimize risks and avoid losing all your investments by being well-informed about the realities of stock investing.

5 Stock Market Highlights from May 2017 to Watch Out For

What are the highlights in the stock market for the month? Here is our news round-up of the development in the stock market:

1. The impact of the French presidential election on the stock market

  • There is a return to the risk-on assets worldwide because of Emmanuel Macron’s win, which was welcomed by anti-European Union forces and investors.
  • The first week of May saw promising earning figures that beefed up the major indices.

2. Tax reform to take effect

  • The so-called biggest tax reduction in history has begun to materialize with a recently released plan.
  • Although the plan matches the expectations, the stock market appears to be quite disappointed with it. Stock prices were down in early May following the announcement of the tax cut.

3. Key economic indicators down

  • Pending property sales decreased despite the rebound in new house sales.
  • New unemployment claims dramatically increased to more than 200,000.
  • The advance GDP growth, CB Consumer Confidence Index, and the Durable Goods Report failed to meet the targets.

4. Market internals are still positive overall

  • Remaining steady is the number of new lows, decreasing to 41 on the NASDAQ and 19 on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
  • The Advance/Decline line continues to make all-time-high records. Advancing issues outnumber declining stocks by a 6:1 ratio on the NASDAQ and a 4:1 ratio on the NYSE.
  • There is a boost in the average number of new highs, with 246 on the NASDAQ and 252 on the NYSE.

5. Bullish market after the strong performance in April

  • For the first time ever, NASDAQ went above the 6,000 level.
  • Also posting a new all-time high record is the Russell 2000.
  • The benchmark keeps its 50-day moving average stable at the end of the first week of May.

Analysts anticipate the outcomes of the Federal Reserve meeting on the second half of May, where the base interest rate will be decided on. We’ll keep on updating you about the recent developments on Wall Street.

The Different Types of Stock Orders for Trading Stocks: A Guide for New Investors

First-time investors will be able to make effective stock investment decisions if they know all their options when it comes to purchasing and selling stocks. This article will discuss the various types of stock orders that are available for anyone who is aspiring to make it big in the stock market:

Market order

The most common stock order type, a market order involves requesting to purchase or sell a stock at the current rate in the stock market.

Pro tip: Ignore the last-trade price. If you’re selling stocks, look at the bid price. And if you’re buying stocks, look at the ask price.

Stop-market order

It’s a request to purchase or sell a stock at a price you specify, which means the broker will have to execute the trade when the stock goes above or below a threshold you set. The goal here is to reduce your losses.

Pro tip: Be careful when making a stop-market order because a quick but temporary decrease in the stock price isn’t a good scenario.

Stop-limit order

This type of order is very much the same as a stop-market order. What sets them apart is that in a stop-limit order, the request is transformed into a limit order and not a market order.

Limit order

This type of stock order is essentially similar to a stop-market order, except for the purpose of using it. You make a limit order to maximize your profits. This makes it ideal for stock investors who cannot track their investment portfolios all the time.

Pro tip: Do keep in mind that limit orders are done on a first-come, first-served basis. So, for example, you specify a limit order at $50. You’ll need to wait until the other orders at that price are executed.

There are many other types of stock orders, but these are the basic ones that beginners have to understand in order to make the most out of their investments in the stock market.

My Guide To The Most Expensive Sex Toys

Sex toys, as far as all of us know are the best bedroom time helpers for they help in making the relationship between a man and a woman a very beautiful and elongated one. And they come for a price which determines how well they would make the intimacy more intense. Yes, their prices are for their quality and make and nothing else. The purpose for which all the different varieties of toys are designed is the same and it is only the change in the quality of materials used for the making of them that determine the difference in their prices. Now, this is how we know the differences to be in the prices of the sex toys and the different varieties.

But have you ever heard of some very expensive sex toys that were made with expensive materials like gold, platinum, diamond etc? Experiencing a jolt? Yes, you should get up with a shock because these are not untrue and we have some of the sex toys designed and made with such materials too that were sold for millions and millions of dollars. But these might not suit people of all classes. All-time best and the most suitable one is the one made from rubber or glass or silicone for they are affordable through a little highly priced, long-lasting and results giving and the most important part is you can use them without a hesitation unlike the ones made from gold or silver. To have the best of these sex toys, you need to visit shops or websites that are reliable and promise to offer quality products. At love plugs, you will be able to find all sorts of these sex toys at rates affordable by all and a guarantee for the quality offered. Almost all those who bought from here are all satisfied customers.

The Best Affordable Drug Test Shampoos

Companies subject their new employees to pre-employment drug test to ensure that they are not under the influence of any opioids and other addictive substances and their metabolites which will hinder their productivity and working capacity.

The biological specimens commonly tested include urine, saliva, breath, sweat, and hair.  The main purpose of the test is to detect the presence of drugs prohibited by law and for levels of alcohol in the blood.

While not all test results are admissible as evidence in a court of law, hair analysis can be produced as evidence according to the Frye Rule and the Daubert Rule.

Why is hair analysis so important?

It is believed that the hair follicles retain the residue of any drug used by an individual for up to 12 months; this means that even if you have given up using drugs for a few weeks before the test, your hair will have traces of the substance and if analyzed you can fail the test. It is also believed that people can’t tamper with hair samples.

If you have used something just for a week or less then that will not show in the hair analysis, unlike the urine test.

Since hair analysis provides a better picture of an individual’s drug habits, companies rely on and promote these tests.

Can I beat the hair test?

You can hasten cleaning your hair of any residue of the drug by cleaning it regularly and eating a nutritious diet rich in fruits and fiber-filled vegetables. This will not only clean your system but also your hair shafts. But if you are short of time you can rely on hair detoxifying shampoos.

The best detoxifying shampoos remove metabolites from your hair shafts without damaging the hair itself. I love this shamoo for passing drug tests as it penetrates deep into the shaft and removes the toxins completely.

How Many Jobs Does Each State In The U.S. Provide Annually?

It has been close to 9 years since the U.S. fell into what seemed like the worst financial crisis since the last witnessed crisis known as The Great Depression. The recovery has been gradual; each state taking its own time to recover from the trauma. When the best states of the USA were ranked as per U.S. News and World Report in the year 2017, there were three ranking parameters:

  • Growth
  • Employment
  • Business

The States That Stood Out

The states that have the maximum amount of population emerged as- California, Texas and Florida. However, the two states that fare the best are Colorado and North Dakota. These have emerged as the state with the maximum number of youths and job opportunities.

The parameters were explained as:

Growth: The manner in which the state has grown from 2012-2015 in terms of total population between 25-29 and the average migration.

Employment: The annual growth in terms of jobs that are not farming-related from the year 2012-2015 and the rate of unemployment.

Business: The number of business modules that have come up in these years.

With these combined results, the best states were identified that had the strongest financial conditions. These are the Top 10 states where more young people are moving in, there are plenty of jobs and the business is thriving.


With a population of 5.5 million, Colorado has a Growth Rank and an Employment Rank of 2 and a Business Rank of 4.

North Dakota

With a population of 760,000, it has a Growth Rank of 1, Employment Rank of 3 and a Business Rank of 21.


With a population of 39 million, it’s Growth rank is around 5 and Employment Rank around 25.


With a population of 3 million, it has a Growth Rank of 20, Employment Rank of 1 and Business Rank of 5.


With a population of 6.8 million, it has a growth rank of 26, an employment rank of 4 and a Business rank of 2.

Thus, it is evident that these states in the U.S. have been able to provide enough work opportunities for the people despite the population. This article explains how basic employee rights work.